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 Daimos' Limit Breaks

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Daimos Ishida
Daimos Ishida

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PostSubject: Daimos' Limit Breaks   Daimos' Limit Breaks Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2007 3:01 am

Name: Rage of Daimos

Description: Daimos slashes at his enemy with a series of lightning quick attacks ending in and X-shaped slash outward.

Damage: 90

History: Daimos was training with Tsukiya when they were attacked by a large group of Heartless. Daimos allowed Tsukiya to fight them, but stepped in shortly after when Tsukiya was close to being beaten, using this attack.

HP activation: 10 HP
Name: Azad's Furious Retaliation

Description: Daimos darts past his enemy several times, slashing at them quickly. On the final slash, he uses a TATE like skill to complete the damage

Damage: 100

History: Daimos gained this attack when he was exploring the dark depths of the Underworld. He was suddenly attacked by a group of Samurai Nobodies. They fought with great skill until they finally all used Duel Stance. Daimos took an offensive sword stance as well. Just as the Samurai were about to attack, Daimos activated this attack.

HP activation: 15 HP
Name: Mithra's Vengeance

Description: Daimos generates a portal under his enemy then pulls them into it. While inside the portal, he slashes at them repeatedly then ejects them from the portal. While they are in the air, he launches a series of blasts at them ending in a beam of dark energy.

Damage: 110

History: Daimos was traveling through the Wutai, on his way to visit his old sensei. When he was nearly there, a group of rogue ninja confronted him. Planning on robbing Daimos, they quickly attacked him. Daimos grew irritated by the interruption and activated this attack, killing the ninjas and continuing on his way.

HP activation: 20 HP
Name: Misery Gale

Description: Daimos' sword(s) glow palely then he swings them(it) at his enemy, letting loose a powerful gust of wind that slashes his enemy

Damage: 120

History: Daimos went to Radiant Garden to speak with Merlin. While crossing through the Bailey, he was confronted by several Large Body Heartless. Already in a bad mood, he used this attack and quickly destroyed them.

HP activation: 25 HP
Name: Furious Oblivion Twister

Description: Daimos spins his sword(s) quickly then throws them(it) at his enemy. The sword(s) then circle his enemy, slashing at them forcefully.

Damage: 130

History: Daimos was spending time with Haruko, Mitsuki, and Tsukiya in Balamb. While Mitsuki and Tsukiya went swimming, they were attacked by a group of Sea Neons and Aqua Tanks. Since they were too far out to reach, Daimos used this attack to destroy the Heartless.

HP activation: 30 HP
Name: Harassing Cyclone

Description: Daimos darts at his enemy and circles them quickly, creating a cyclone around them. While entrapped in the cyclone, Daimos slashes at his enemy.

Damage: 140

History: Daimos was on his way to the Cave of Wonders in Agrabah. As he was crossing the desert, he was attacked by Kurt Zisa. Daimos attacks him, wearing him down first then using this attack to finish him off.

HP activation: 35 HP
Name: Furious Tempest of Agony

Description: Daimos sword glows palely then he swings it at his enemy several times, hitting them with blades of energy. He then slams his sword on the ground, sending a spiraling blast of dark wind at his enemy.

Damage: 150

History: Daimos revisited the Demon Realm, paying a visit to the Prison of Lost Souls. While there, he fought with Archangel for a bounty the ArchWarden had set. Daimos used this attack to beat Archangel and claim the bounty.

HP activation: 40 HP
Name: Tormenting Typhoon

Description: Daimos floats into the air then crosses his swords in front of him. A wildly spinning tornado forms around the enemy and himself. Daimos swords then vanish and the enemy is assaulted by numerous blades of slicing wind. Daimos then lands and his swords reappear in his hands. He darts at his enemy and slashes them, followed by added damage from a slicing follow wind.

Damage: 160

History: Daimos was spending time with Mitsuki and Tsukiya in Pridelands when he received a message from Canan, the Supreme Summoner. The three of them immediately left for Zodiac's Plateau. When they got there, they saw that Heartless had somehow entered the sacred temple. Daimos used this attack to destroy the Heartless.

HP activation: 50
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Daimos' Limit Breaks
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