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 Necklace of the Angel

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PostSubject: Necklace of the Angel   Necklace of the Angel Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2007 2:04 am

Name: Necklace of the Angel

Enchanted: None

Protection: It removes 20% Damage from dark attacks, skills and spells. It Absorbs 10% HP from light attacks, skills and spells.

History: The Necklace was gaven to each male Hikari family member. Beni was the eight family member who became this necklace. It made Beni feel very light and agile. It made battles for him easier as well. Beni always wears it, even when he needs to go to bed. He even still has it on when he goes swimming. Easier said: He always wears it.
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Necklace of the Angel
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