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 Beni's 1st form - Angel Form

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PostSubject: Beni's 1st form - Angel Form   Beni's 1st form - Angel Form Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2007 2:33 am

Name: Angel Form

Magic: All of the User's remaining Mana Points.

Requirements: The User must be a Human. It doesn't matter when the User is Half-Hearted or not. And the User needs a Keyblade. It also works with Dualwielders. The User only needs to close his/her eyes and put his/her hand on his/her chest.

Drawbacks: No Skills or Spells can't be used after the User activated the Form.

Advantages: The User will absorb 5 Hp from Light Skills, Spells and Attacks.

Description: When activating, a white Tornado whirls around the User. Making the User's clothes white and a little bit Angellic. The Tornado then disappears and and the User's clothes glow like the Moonlight. His/Her Keyblade Handle turns white. Two Silver Wings come out of the User's back. A Necklace with a Star will appear around the User's neck.

History: The Angel Form has been given to peoples who touched light and had a heart. But Beni randomly became this form. He doesn't know why because he only has his half of his heart, he isn't allowed to have that form. He once used it against some Enemys and it was the perfect form for him. He then heard a voice in his head saying: "You can keep the form when you want. We choose you because you are in the search of your emotions. Even when you found your emotions, you can still keep it." Beni didn't know who or what it was. He sometimes uses this form to search for his emotions, because he can feel the enemies true emotions. Like a girl comes to Beni and says: "You showoff!" But Beni feels that she didn't really meant it.
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Beni's 1st form - Angel Form
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