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 Dark Transformation

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Daimos Ishida
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PostSubject: Dark Transformation   Dark Transformation Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2007 2:52 am

Name: Dark Transformation

Magic Cost: All

Effects: It allows my character to shape shift into any form he wants. Example: In Kingdom Hearts that Shadow changed into Belle to get the Beast out of the room when Riku started fighting Sora.

History: When my character was trying to train himself, he was trying to trying to be able to sneak into enemy territories. He found that is he tried hard enough, he could shape shift into the form he wanted to be in. Very good if my character wants to spy on somebody. Not always full-proof, the person I'm impersonating may turn up while I'm transformed. This is very embarasing, because everyone will be attacking me at the same time. Or somebody would see me transforming.

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Dark Transformation
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