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 Daimos' Forms

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Daimos Ishida
Daimos Ishida

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PostSubject: Daimos' Forms   Daimos' Forms Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2007 2:36 am

Name: Shadow Reaper

Magic: 5 MP per post

Requirements: Must be using the Bane of Thanatos

Drawbacks: Cannot distinguish friend from foe, Leaves MP completely drained for 5 posts

Advantages: Strength, Speed, and Magic abilities increase. Also allows him to summon the Oblivion Drake without being mortally wounded.

Description: Eyes become blood red and he emits a strong dark aura that cripples and decays his surroundings
History: While taking a pleasant stroll along the southern beach of Destiny Island, Daimos began to experience the feeling of happiness. He was suddenly overcome by the fierce urge to kill, making him assume this form. Presently, he cannot control the form. It is triggered by the presence of serenity and calmness.

Daimos' Forms Swordsmanofthedark

Name: Soul Collector

Magic: 5 MP per post

Requirements: Must be wielding Glow of Ouronos

Drawbacks: Daimos' dark spirit collides with the light power of the transformation, loses 2HP per post

Advantages: Negates light attacks and absorbs them, recovering 1HP per post, deals double damage to dark enemies

Description: Daimos is consumed by the light power of the Glow of Ouronos and assumes this form, emitting a pure aura

History: When Daimos acquired the Glow of Ouronos, he felt a strange presence within the blade. When he attempted to use the blade, he took on this form, allowing him to deal double the amount of damage to those alligned with darkness. But since he himself is born of darkness, he takes damage as well.

Daimos' Forms LightShadow

Name: Fallen Angel

Magic: 10 MP per post

Requirements: Must be wielding either Bane of Thanatos or Glow of Ouronos

Drawbacks: The effects of the power clash are stronger, making him lose 5 HP every post

Advantages: He is able to control the power of both weapons, but only when in this form. Attack power doubles during this form. (total of 2 dice rolls times 2)

Description: His eyes glow bright red, dark feathered wings sprout from his back, he wields the Bane of Thanatos and Glow of Ouronos at the same time and wears pitch black armor

History: Daimos was practicing using his dark powers, when he suddenly became overwhelmed by them. He assumed this form, both demonic and seraphic. Though the power of this form was strong, Daimos soon learned that there was a cost to the power...his life force. As long as the form is active, Daimos slowly loses a bit of his life.

Daimos' Forms F_FallenAngelm_956e50b

Name: Condemned Warrior

Magic: 10 MP per post

Requirements: Must be wielding NecroShine Zweihander

Drawbacks: Power clash is even stronger, making him lose 10 HP every other post, Cannot attack as frequently (enemy attacks twice before he attacks once)

Advantages: I'm able to deal twice as much damage with a double attack (so if I roll a 6 and 4, I do 10 then attack again)

Description: He becomes clad in dark armor that emits a constant dark aura, a dark mist rises from his body and his sword, His eyes turn blood red and glow darkly

History: Daimos was battling a giant dragon Heartless in the Land of Dragons. He began to become irritated because it would not stay down and kept coming back for more. So he got so mad that he assumed this form. He was able to finally destroy the Heartless, but in the process nearly destroyed part of the mountain. The form slows him down, however, since his power has doubled. Because of his increase in power, the strength of the opposing elements became stronger as well, draining his life even faster than his previous forms.

Daimos' Forms Walking_to_the_Death

Name: Des Necross Assassin

Magic: 20 MP per post (increases as overall MP increases)

Requirements: HP must be lower than 20

Drawbacks: Cannot use summons or skills/spells

Advantages: HP increases by 5 each post, no longer affected by clash between the opposing elements of his swords, wields the Bane of Thanatos and Glow of Ouronos in their keyblade form. Speed increases drastically, allowing him to attack up to 3 times in a row

Description: Daimos becomes clad in ninja garbs (like Hotsuma from Shinobi) that are black and white, His eyes alternate between glowing black and glowing white.

History: Daimos was training to control the power of both of his weapons at once, when he was suddenly overwhelmed by an army of Heartless and Nobodies. He was nearly defeated, when he suddenly felt a strong rush of power. The army slowly backed away as he assumed this powerful form. Within seconds, Daimos defeated every enemy around him. Then, just as suddenly as the form had surfaced, it faded.

Daimos' Forms Shinobi
Name: Dusk Blade Master

Magic: 15 per post

Requirements: Full HP and MP, must be wielding one of his Weapon Sets

Drawbacks: Since his concentration is drawn to controlling the swords, he cannot use magic or use summons

Advantages: Can wield all three weapons in the Weapon Set at once, keeping them suspended in the air around him with his mind. Can attack 3 times per turn and defense increases by 20 for each sword (so 60)

Description: Daimos remains how he normally looks, but emits a grey aura and the three weapons of whichever set he is using float around him constantly

History: Daimos gained this form when he went to develop his telekinetic abilities in the Realm of Darkness. While he was in the middle of his meditation, an army of Heartless attacked him. He began to fight them off with both of his weapons in hand, but slowly began to become overwhelmed. His kinetic suddenly spiked and a grey aura surrounded him. His third blade appeared in front of him then the weapons he held floated from his hand and began to revolve around him. Daimos then understood what was happening and proceeded to defeat the Heartless. Once the last Heartless was defeated, his third sword again vanished and his two swords planted themselves in the ground.

Daimos' Forms 5
Name: Kitsune no Ishida

Magic: 20 per post

Requirements: Full HP and MP, must be Weapon Set 3 or his Final Weapon

Drawbacks: None

Advantages: Unlocks his full demon blood, increasing his attack drastically and doubling the power of his weapons. Reduces the mana needed for using skills to 5, can attack 3 times per turn.

Description: Daimos assumes the form of the Kurakuda, or 9-tailed fox. He emits a pure white aura and wears a Japanese kimono.

History: This is Daimos' final and most powerful form. He gained it when he went back to train with his father. At first they fought normally, by just using swords. After a while, they began to use their skills. Finally fed up, Hiro changed into his fox demon form and attacked Daimos. Daimos fought him off as best he could, but Hiro was too powerful in his current form. When he is about to give up, Daimos hears the voices of his mother, Haruko, and Mitsuki. They urge him to fight on, and his power begins to increase exponentially. As Hiro stands watching in awe, Daimos assumes this final form. With no effort at all, Daimos defeats Hiro, who thus recognizes him as the superior warrior between them.

Daimos' Forms Kitsune
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Daimos' Forms
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