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 Hell Beast Form

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PostSubject: Hell Beast Form   Hell Beast Form Icon_minitimeFri Nov 30, 2007 2:34 am

Name: Hell Beast Form

Magic: 30

Requirements: To have the Hell Spear

Drawbacks: HP goes down by 10 if health is not half of max.

Advantages: Attacks are doubled, Health goes up by 10 if it is at half point or lower

Description: Kilam roars as his hair becomes bright red, his arms become larger and stronger. His skin turns black and his Hell Spear's flame engulfs the spear and Kilam.

History: Kilam began to study demons and the Hell Spear. He found out that most of these banished demons had a weapon of their own, and each weapon was powerful enough to corrupt anyone. He did not believe it and began to train with it. Shuurai told him that the weapons can cause someone to activate a new form, but if they are strong while they use it they will become weaker when they are no longer in that form and vice-versa. Wanting to test it, he used it while there was nothing wrong with him. When he came out of the form he felt weak and became sick the next day. When he tried it then he was cured. He now uses it to intimidate and kill enemies.
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Hell Beast Form
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