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 Hellfire & Icy Tempest

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PostSubject: Hellfire & Icy Tempest   Hellfire & Icy Tempest Icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2007 8:56 pm

Name: Hellfire

Enchanted: Wards off all magical damage by 50%

Protection: Deflects all close ranged items (sword, short spear, dagger, ect.) by a full 50% and all Long ranged (long spear, arrow, gun, ect.) by 40%

History: Haruko forged this armor with the best material she could find, later giving it to Mitsuki for her protection. Mitsuki wear this under her Gasha robes.

Name: Icy tempest

Enchanted: Can withstand vary cold temperatures.

Protection: The armor has a icy substance that can withstand up to 50% of all damage done to someone.

History: What is the History of the Armor? How did you Obtain it?
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Hellfire & Icy Tempest
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