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 Daimos' Final Weapon: Fiend's Oath

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Daimos Ishida
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PostSubject: Daimos' Final Weapon: Fiend's Oath   Thu Nov 29, 2007 8:37 pm

Name: Fiend's Oath

Type of Weapon: Two handed broad sword

Primary/Secondary: Two handed

Ability/Function: Negates the effect of holy magic, absorbs dark attacks and restores his HP by 50. Increases his defense by 50, as well as decreases the amount of mana needed for skills to 5.

Close/long range: Close-Medium range

Damage: 220

History: This is Daimos' final weapon, and his strongest blade. He gained this blade when he fought and one a final battle between himself and Reaper, his rival at the Prison of Lost Souls in the Demon Realm. It was agreed that whoever won this battle would claim the powerful blade said to be held deep below the Prison. After winning, Reaper led him to the chamber where the sword was held. When Daimos laid his hands on the blade, he felt incredible power surge through his body. Daimos dislodged the blade from the ghastly skeleton that held it. As soon as the blade left the enormous rib cage, the skeleton sprang to life and attacked him. Daimos used the blade to destroy the skeleton, thus claiming this powerful blade for his own.

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Daimos' Final Weapon: Fiend's Oath
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