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 Wave Sword

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PostSubject: Wave Sword   Wave Sword Icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2007 8:33 pm

Name: Has no name

Type of Weapon: Wave Sword

Primary/Secondary: Primary, but when it splits into two blades, secondary

Enchanted: None

Ability/Function: None

Close/long range: Close

Damage: Primary 120 damage, Secondary 130 damage

History: Haruko obtained this weapon by training with swords masters. She had the choice among a variety of swords but pick this one over any other. After she was finished with training with the Sword master she felt that they were too weak for her, her power growing with ever waking moment. Midna, using her Judgment skill, is her only real opponent now. The two of them fought for hours and hours, Midna proving to be as strong as Haruko. When the two finally stopped they decided to say they were equal, and any opponent that comes their way shall surely feel their wrath.

Picture: Screw the girl but yeah, thats also what Haruko looks like.
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Wave Sword
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