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No matter the time or the distance, the bonds you make are eternal. Remember your past, live your present, and CONTROL YOUR FUTURE!!
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 Beni's new Keyblade - Redemption Keyblade

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Daimos Ishida
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PostSubject: Beni's new Keyblade - Redemption Keyblade   Thu Nov 29, 2007 8:25 pm

Weapon Template

Name: Redemption

Type of Weapon: A Keyblade

Primary/Secondary: Primary


1. Swing = 2 Damage
2. Swing = 3 Damage
3. Swing = 4 Damage
4. Swing = 5 Damage = May freeze the enemy for 1 post.
5. Swing = 6 Damage = May freeze the enemy for 2 posts.

The Keyblade will do 20 Damage when swinging five times at the enemy. At the 5th swing, the enemy gets frozen for one post. At the 6th swing, the enemy may freeze for two posts.

Displays feathers that dashes to the enemy: /

1. Swing = // = 1 Damage
2. Swing = /// = 2 Damage
3. Swing = //// = 3 Damage
4. Swing = ///// = 4 Damage
5. Swing = ////// = 5 Damage

One feather deals 1 Damage to the enemy. Just add the first swing, that deals 2 Damage with the feather that attacked the enemy. So it makes 3 Damage. The same with the second to the fifth.

Close/long range: It could be thrown. But with the feather attack, it's ranged and close.

History: Beni fought day and night. From dawn to midnight. He kept practising but he can't feel his powers increasing. Se he kept training and training. He then reached his limit and the collapsed. Once he woked up again, he found himself in his bed. He wondered how he came there. And he wondered why it wasn't his room. When he wanted to leave there was a voice that said: "Don't go!" Beni looked around himself from who it was. Then there was a boy around 14 years. He said: "Hold my hand..." Beni didn't know why but he holded it. Beni's eyecolors suddenly turned red and his body glowed for a little while. The boy then disappeared in a white mist. Once he fought some heartless again, the Redemption keyblade was suddenly in his hands. He thought he was never able to increase his powers. He fought the Heartless and said: "Hmm... With this... Fighting the Heartless is easier..." Beni thought of it. Before he went to bed, he summons his Keyblade and looked at it from top to bottom.


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Beni's new Keyblade - Redemption Keyblade
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