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 Tsukiya Ishida

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Daimos Ishida
Daimos Ishida

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PostSubject: Tsukiya Ishida   Tsukiya Ishida Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 11:32 pm

Name: Tsukiya Ishida

Age: 5, almost 6

Gender: Male

Home World: Born in Land of Dragons but lives with his mother and sister in Aisu

Race/Species: Kitsune demon

Appearance: Tsukiya wears a teal jacket that comes just above his mouth. He wears tan-colored pants and, like his sister, has ears that perk up like a fox's. Like Mitsuki, he has a long bushy fox's tail as well.

Personality: shy, quiet boy. He very rarely speaks aloud, except when around his family. Like his sister, he is very obedient.

Weapons: A smaller version of Daimos' Bane of Thanatos and Glow of Ouronos

Fighting Style: Quick and stealthy, likes to use the darkness and shadows around him to his advantage

Affinities: Very obedient, listens well to what others have to say. Well-trained in the dark arts

Weaknesses: Very shy. Also, like his mother and sister, he tends to be very trusting of people until they show him otherwise.

History: Tsukiya was brought into this world along with his sister Mitsuki by the powerful ruler of the Land of Dragons, Daimos, and the leader of the Pridelands, Haruko. From the time they were born, they were treated like royalty by both of them, getting whatever they wanted but never asking for too much. Tsukiya didn't say much when his father left, asking only when we would return. Now, years later, Daimos has returned and they are 5 almost 6, almost.

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Tsukiya Ishida
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