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 Roxas Hinoishi

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PostSubject: Roxas Hinoishi   Roxas Hinoishi Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 11:27 pm

Name: Roxas Hinoishi

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Home World: Twinlight Town

Race/Species: Nobody

Appearence: In Pic

Personality: Chatty, but brave and somtimes serious

Weapons: Keyblade

Fighting Style: Directly at the opponent

Affinities: Transforming, using the keyblade, flexable.

Weaknesses: Usually falls for some illusions, sometimes faints.

History: Unlike the other Organization members, Roxas lacks memories of his previous life, due to the short time Sora had spent as a Heartless. During Roxas's time in the Organization, he and Axel became friends, but Roxas leaves to find answers as to why he possesses the Keyblade. He is confronted by Riku, who defeats Roxas and takes him to DiZ. In Kingdom Hearts II, DiZ places Roxas in a virtual Twilight Town, leaving him without any memory of the Organization and with a fabricated identity to throw them off. While here Roxas begins seeing his other self's memories in dreams. Roxas lives an otherwise normal life in "Twilight Town" until Axel infiltrates it to save him. Despite Axel's attempts to stop him and Roxas gaining back his memories of the Organization, Roxas merges with Sora early in the game, which also causes some of Roxas's memories to influence Sora.
Roxas appears twice more later in the game. The first is a battle with Sora, shown only as a cut scene and never fully explained. In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Sora's battle with Roxas is made playable, and a cut scene is added that shows Xemnas explaining that Axel's death triggered the reappearance of Roxas. Roxas appears once again with Naminé before Kairi enters the corridor of darkness back to Destiny Islands. He and Naminé imply that they will live on within Sora and Kairi as both a part of them and as individuals, as seen in the ending cinematic when they smile at each other through Sora and Kairi.

Pictures: :angel: Roxas Hinoishi Roxas_ultimania :angel:
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Roxas Hinoishi
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