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No matter the time or the distance, the bonds you make are eternal. Remember your past, live your present, and CONTROL YOUR FUTURE!!
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 Zack Harukio

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PostSubject: Zack Harukio   Zack Harukio Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 11:25 pm

Name: Zack Harukio

Age: 30

Gender: male

Home World: Gongaga

Race: genetically enhanced human

Appearance: Bleack leather trench coat, black pants and shirt, black hari with white ploatinum streeks

Personality: Friendly, ignorant at times, stubborn

Weapons: heavyswords, broadswords, longswords

Fighting style: swordsmaster, hand to hand

Affinities: good at solving problems, good with swords

Weakness: geostigma side effects, elemental magic

Was the protector of Kairi, 6 years ago. Was killed by sephiroth before his and Kairi's wedding by Sephiroth. What he wants in life is to get rid of Sephiorht once and for all, for ruining his wedding. Also, he wants to get back into Kairi's life like he was before he was killed. He plans to protect Kairi and Ezra until it is actually his time to die. Was resurrected by the spirit of Aeris because it wasn't his time to die. His flaws are that the geostigma suppresses his power so he can't be as strong as he was 6 years ago.he has no ambitions.
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Zack Harukio
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