Kingdom Hearts: Eternal Destiny

No matter the time or the distance, the bonds you make are eternal. Remember your past, live your present, and CONTROL YOUR FUTURE!!
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PostSubject: Ashley   Ashley Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 11:22 pm

Name: Ashley

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Home World: Halloween Town

Race/Species: Human

Appearance: She is very tall, about 5'10, long brown hair with black streaks scattered through it, often pulled back onto a ponytail. Has dark brown, almost black eyes. There are freckles dotted around her face and even a few on her arms. She now has a long, short-sleeve black shirt. She still has blue jeans, but now over black shoes.

Personality: Friendly to everyone, except when it comes to enemies. Then she can get vicious, tends to get Hyper a lot.

Weapons: Staves

Fighting Style: Tries to keep her distance, after all staves are better for magic then for physical fighting.

Affinities: Extreme Environmentalist, Loves DDR and Guitar Hero. Kyle is her older brother.

Weaknesses: Coffee, Global Warming, Weak to ICE attacks.

History: She was born in Halloween Town during the spring, just as the flowers began to sprout out of the ground. As a child, she had enjoyed spending time with her mother and father, but when she woke up one day, she discovered her parents had gone miss, every 8 year old's nightmare. She went to live with her aunt and started creating plans on where to start her journey to find them. At the age of 13, she left her aunt a note on her bed and left in search of her parents. She traveled to many towns, and each day she got farther and farther away from them. After following a clue to Destiny Islands, she was put into a mysterious slumber by Merlin. When she woke up, Axel was sitting next to her and they started walking along the beach. Soon, they were attacked by Heartless and Alex opened a portal to Halloween Town. Ashley met with her aunt for the first time in two years, but it was short lived. They were ambushed by a creature and her aunt died. This sent Ashley and Alex on a journey to figure out what it really was and how to destroy it. Ashley recorded the whole in a journal which is now locked away. Only Ashley knows where it exists today.
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