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 Daimos Ishida and Hiro Ishida

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Daimos Ishida
Daimos Ishida

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PostSubject: Daimos Ishida and Hiro Ishida   Daimos Ishida and Hiro Ishida Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 11:15 pm

Name: Daimos Ishida

Age: 24

Gender: male

Home World: Twilight Town

Race/Species: Demi-Demon

Appearence: Dark warrior's cloak and hood, semi-casual clothes underneath

Personality: A somewhat silent individual. He used to be a very secretive and kept to himself, but experiences he's had over the years have made him very sociable.

Weapons: A demonic blade that can change its shape to resemble a keyblade, a seraphic blade that can change its shape to resemble a keyblade, a sword that embodies both the darkness and the light

Fighting Style: Fights only when necessary, well trained in the ninja arts and a mystic art called Shadow SKill. He will not interfere in the affairs of others, lest they have asked for his help.

Affinities: Shadow manipulation, black magic, and ninja arts

Weaknesses: intense light, holy magic

History: At the time after Sora defeated the Phantom at Neverland, a void was left open. From within this brief rip in space came Daimos. He does not fully understand his purpose, only that he is called by Kingdom Hearts to carry off the spirits of the keyblade wielders who have fallen in battle. Though he does not fully enjoy this task, perhaps if he finds the Organization, he will know more about why he was called to this world. Some time after coming into existence, he became friends with Riku and the others. While visiting Halloween Town, he confronted Haruko in a battle that almost killed them both. They were instead transported to Spira, where they played to roles of Summoner and Guardian. Along the way, they met up and befriended Rikku and Lulu. The four of them took up the job of defeating Sin, which in turned allowed them both to return to their own time period. Upon returning, Daimos met up with and befriended Kyle and his friends. It was some time later that he met Kairi. They started to become closer and were soon dating. After a few weeks, they had gotten married. Unfortunately, the wedding was too hasty and both decided to just be friends. During the time that he was dating Kairi, he met up with Haruko again and they once again became friends, which in turn led to old feelings to be resparked. Now, years later, Daimos has decided to return to his quest to find out about his past....

Daimos Ishida and Hiro Ishida ShadowWarrior4


Name: Hiro Ishida

Age: 200, but his appearance makes him look younger than Daimos

Gender: Male

Home World: Spira

Race/Species: Demon

Appearence: Hiro wears light armor over his right shoulder and arm, while his left arm is fully clad in armor and ends in sharp metal claws. He has light armor on his legs and feet, similar to Daimos'. However, unlike Daimos' calming pale orange eyes, Hiro's eyes are the constant color of blood. He often changes his form to an ethereal fox.

Personality: Often very sarcastic and ill-tempered, has very low tolerance for pretty much everyone. The only time he is tolerant with anyone is if he has had a bit to drink.

Weapons: Katana, his claws, and if irritated enough his telekinesis

Fighting Style: Quick and lethal, often attacks before the opponent even knows what's going on

Affinities: Well trained in the way of the samurai, has incredible telekinetic abilities

Weaknesses: He's incredibly stubborn and doesn't listen very well. Unlike Daimos, he cannot manipulate shadows.

History: Hiro is Daimos' enigmatic father. For a long time, Daimos did not know that he had neither a mother nor a father. While traveling with Haruko through Spira, they had stopped in the town of Guadosalam. Daimos visited the Far Plane and saw a vision of his mother. He later learned from Seymour that the Far Plane was the place where all those that died went and had the ability to show a person the person they most wanted to see. Later, he decided that since he had a mother, it was obvious that he had to have a father. After his marriage to Haruko and the birth of Mitsuki, he left to find him, returning to Spira. After months of searching, he finally found his father, who was very much alive. They talked of Daimos' past and Hiro trained Daimos for the next few years, which brings us to the present.

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Daimos Ishida and Hiro Ishida
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